Alarm monitoring service

North Hertfordshire District Council provides an emergency alarm service linking a telephone in your home to the Careline Centre which is staffed 24 hours a day. You can also have a call-button pendant to hang around your neck when you are at home on your own.

The system can be installed in any of our properties that have a telephone line. North Herts District Council will charge you for this, but if you have significant health issues the cost may be reduced. Contact us for more details.

Examples of other equipment that can help you to stay independent include:

  • Fall monitors for people who have a tendency to be unstable on their feet or may have had an operation and have a short term need for the device
  • Door sensors can be used for people who have a tendency to wander
  • Bed sensors can be used for people who may have epilepsy.

There are many other devices on the market to enable people to remain independent. Please contact us for more details.