Board Members

The Board has overall control of Howard Cottage. It is a group comprising up to twelve skilled individuals from all sections of the community. The Board meets regularly during the year and reports on the year's performance at the annual general meeting. This is also when Board members are elected. The Board’s role is to:

• Ensure that we follow the procedures and guidelines laid down by our regulator, the Homes and Communities Agency
• Lead our housing association and determine our strategic objectives
• Control our housing association's affairs
• Ensure that we comply with all legal requirements.


Richard Laval


Gareth Hillier

Vice Chairman

Operations Committee Chairman

Jim Briscoe

Board Member

Steve Henning

Board Member

Barry Moss 

HR & Remuneration Committee Chairman

Carol Rooker

Board Member

Shaun McLean

Board Member

Yinka Bolaji

Board Member

Alan Humphreys

Audit & Risk Committee Chairman

Neil Mawson

Board Member

Chris Withnall

Asset Management & Development Chairman