Ending a tenancy

Moving out

If you wish to end your tenancy, you must give us one month’s notice in writing and complete and send us a Termination form.

Make sure your rent and any other charges are paid up to date and the property is left clean and tidy. We may inspect your property before you leave and if you have caused any damage or left it in poor decorative order, you will have the opportunity to put it right and save yourself the cost of us doing the work and recharging it to you.

On or before the last day of your tenancy, you need to hand in your keys to the office by 10.30am. If keys are received late you may incur charges for a lock change or additional rent.

Please leave the property empty, as you will be charged for removing anything left behind. This includes clearing lofts, garages and sheds, removing carpets, laminate flooring and dismantling anything you have installed yourself, such as fitted cupboards or greenhouses. 

Ending another person's tenancy

If you are ending another person’s tenancy, for example if the tenant has died or has moved into residential care and is not able to end their own tenancy, we will still require one months written notice. The tenancy will be terminated only upon receipt of the keys, which must be returned to our main office and a receipt obtained. Rent will be charged to the date the keys are received, including if the tenant has died, where we will request any outstanding rent be paid out of the estate.