Fire Safety at Howard Cottage

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We take responsibility for fire safety very seriously and have been working closely with the local fire service to make sure that our fire safety procedures comply with fire regulations. 

We have produced an informative leaflet to assist residents to stay safe in their homes.  The leaflet is full of straightforward tips - Make sure you share these with everyone who lives in your home.


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Fire Safety leaflet






Fire risk assessment

In the past twelve months, working closely with the local fire service, we carried out a comprehensive fire risk assessment across our three sheltered schemes, our Flexicare scheme and our general needs low-rise flat blocks. This resulted in a number of ‘action points’ for each of the buildings we assessed. Here is a summary of our progress to December 2018:

Fire Risk Assessment summary Dec 2018 

The summary will be updated regularly as the actions are completed.


Residents’ responsibilities

We want to encourage residents to continue to work with us and take preventative actions such as avoiding leaving rubbish in communal areas or propping fire doors open.

Please note it is your responsibility to test your smoke alarms and to replace the batteries. If there is a problem with the smoke alarm after you have replaced the battery please contact us immediately and request a repair.


Howard Cottage responsibilities

We employ the services of an independent fire risk assessor The Health and Safety People (THSP) and a company called Safe IS to carry out fire safety checks. 

Safe IS visits all our blocks and sheltered schemes where fire alarm systems are installed on a six monthly basis and tests and services the units as well as reporting any defects or areas for concern to us. 

THSP undertake an annual Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) on our behalf with any recommendations logged and programmed into our operatives’ work schedules. A link to the latest FRA's appears above. 

All other properties have been installed with one smoke detector per floor level (one in a flat and two in a house) as per the fire regulations.  If you have a gas boiler in your property your smoke alarms will also be tested once a year by our gas contractor as part of the annual service.

Residents in flats should report any defective communal smoke detectors or fire doors so that these can be resolved quickly.


Stay put policy

Residents in multi-occupancy buildings should follow the instructions for their own building, however it is usually safer for residents to stay put, call 999 and wait for the emergency services, preferably in a room with a window, rather than entering smoky corridors where it could be difficult to see.  

Doors, walls and floors are capable of withstanding fire for long enough for the emergency services to arrive and deal with the fire.  The fire service will be able to safely evacuate all or part of the building if necessary. This remains the accepted best practice for most multi occupancy buildings.