Resident surveys

Website improvements survey

A big thank you to residents who took part in this recent survey to help us improve our web site 


  • 83.3% of respondents access the website either monthly or 'every now and again'
  • 75.6% of respondents use a smart phone to access our website
  • 70.7% of repondents found what they were looking for straight away
  • Most respondents told us they access the website to find out about rent and repairs 

Respondents made the following suggestions: 

  • Improve the way the website looks on a smartphone
  • Introduce better online repairs reporting and tracking processes 
  • make rent and repairs pages accessible in one click
  • Create an App for access to individual rent and repairs information
  • Bring the website design up-to-date
  • update information in a timely way 

What we are doing in response:

  • Simplifying access to rent and repairs information
  • Updating the style of web pages to make them more smartphone friendly
  • Doing more to make sure content is kept up to date accross the website 
  • We will consider building an App to simlify access to rent and repairs information when we carry out a full website review in 2020

The winners of our "Love To Shop' prize draw for those taking part are:

Mrs M, Letchworth Garden City

Mr D, Letchworth Garden City  


Repairs Surveys

Repairs survey

If you have had a repair carried out we will text you when the repair is completed to find out how it went.  If you are unhappy we will call you to discuss your dissatisfaction and seek to resolve any issues you experienced.

We also telephone around 1 in 10 residents who have received a repair in their home and we conduct a full survey after home improvements such as a new kitchen or bathroom to find out more and check resident satisfaction.  

 Since April 2019 we have consulted 592 residents about the repairs service and satisfaction is standing at 92.4% (January 2020)


Annual residents satisfaction survey

We would like to thank the 600 households who took part in our annual satisfaction survey in 2019. Satisfaction showed further improvement on 2017 and 2018 results.   

Resident satisfaction results by year 2015 to 2019