Review and Study Panel

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The Residents' Panel is a small, friendly group of residents who meet regularly to review and report on the quality of our housing services. The Panel's work helps to drive improvements to our services. 





Recently the Panel has been reviewing the website, considering ways to increase resident involvement  and discussing our amalgamation with Welwyn Garden City Housing Association to form First Garden Cities Homes.

Conclusions from the Panel's look at resident involvement will guide a full review taking place in 2020.  


Join the Panel, make a difference

As a resident your experience of our services means you have all the skills needed to take part.  If you see a solution to a challenge and want to make a difference get in touch with Jon Thurlow, Resident Involvement Officer or call 01462 683307


Since 2015, the Panel has carried out the following reviews:

Resident involvement review 2018/19  

Aids and adaps Board response to RaSP  

Aids and adaptations report  

New kitchens and bathrooms report 

Communications and call handling report 

Review of standard letters sent to residents