Frequently asked questions about applying for a home with Howard Cottage Housing Association (HCHA)


Who can apply for housing?
Anyone over the age of 16 can apply as long as they meet our Allocations Policy and the Allocations Policy of any nominating Local Council.


How do I apply for housing with HCHA?
At the moment applicants are nominated to us by the Local Council. You should apply to join the register of the Local Council where you want to live and they will assess your housing need and award you a priority. Usually you will need to have a local connection to that area.


I already live in a HCHA home and want to move to another. How do I apply?
All our empty properties are allocated through the Local Council and you will need to apply to join their housing register. They will assess your application and tell you if you have a housing need to move and your priority. You can then bid on a HCHA property. If you are successful the Local Council will send us your details. 


I’ve been told by the Local Council that they have nominated me for a property with HCHA. What happens next?
We will contact you immediately and ask you to complete an application form.  This is so we can check that you meet our Allocations Policy which may differ slightly to the Local Council’s.  You need to complete the form quickly so as not to cause any delay. If we do not have a completed application form we cannot consider you for housing.