Joint tenancies

At the start of a tenancy, we may grant a joint tenancy to married couples, civil partners, or couples who are living together (for couples living together, their housing application must have been a joint application for us to grant a joint tenancy). Granting of a joint tenancy is at our discretion.

We do not grant "sole to joint" tenancies (e.g. adding a partner to your tenancy to become joint tenants).

Where a joint tenancy has been granted, each tenant is equally responsible for keeping to the terms of the tenancy agreement, such as paying rent and not causing a nuisance.

If there is a disagreement or relationship breakdown between joint tenants, one tenant cannot stop the other tenant from entering the home without a court order. You must decide between you who, if either of you, will keep the tenancy. We cannot decide this for you.

You must tell us about any changes to the tenancy, including new occupants in the property, such as a new partner moving in or a household member having a baby.

In cases where domestic abuse is involved, one partner can ask the county court to order the other tenant not to enter the home for a temporary period until a more permanent arrangement can be made. You should contact us and a solicitor for advice.