Letter from the Chief Executive regarding Coronavirus

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Dear Residents,


As you are no doubt aware we are all in rapidly changing times and un-certain territory and so I wanted to explain a little about our actions and response, as well as ask you to please bear with us through these difficult times.


The Prime Minister's latest message is starkly clear.  We all need to take drastic action immediately to prevent a catastrophe. At FGCH that has been at the forefront of our minds in decisions about what we have had to do.


At the same time I want to reassure you that at FGCH, both the board and staff, are working round the clock to maintain key services to you, with the aim of protecting you, your neighbours, our staff and of course the NHS.


Last week we closed our offices to the public and moved to a reduced service to residents.  This has now developed, with all of our staff working from home if possible, and a change to providing only emergency or key services. Further details of these changes are highlighted here on the website.


Naturally this is not something that comes easily to any of us, as we pride ourselves on the service we provide, but we have little choice if we are to respond properly and perform our civic duty to protect those closest to all of us.  Please be assured every decision is fully discussed and prioritises the safety and wellbeing of you, your family and neighbours as well as our staff.


We know many of you may be in financial difficulty despite the measures outlined by the Chancellor last week to support people.  If you are having difficulty with rent payments it’s vital that you contact us (via email wherever possible enquiries@fgch.co.uk ) and make a claim for Universal Credit.  The process of applying for Universal Credit has been simplified and shortened at this time.  


As an organisation we will not be pursuing formal legal action for possession where arrears accrue due to Covid-19. However, we may still write to you and in some instances serve a Notice of Seeking Possession, primarily to protect FGCH in the future, and particularly where the arrears are not solely due to the current situation.  This of course will be discussed with you if that happens.


For those of you who have received a letter from the NHS advising you to shield yourself for 12 weeks; we understand the infrastructure and arrangements are close to completion to support you with medication and food supplies, if you do not have family or friends to do this. In the meantime if you are alone and without support, then do please contact us, again by email if possible.  As you can imagine our own resources are stretched, but we will do what we can and also assist in talking to other agencies on your behalf.


From all of the Board and staff here at FGCH we do hope you and your family are well, remain well and are coping with these difficulties as best you can. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility at this time. We hope by taking these decisions we are doing our small part in limiting the impact of this dreadful disease on all of us.


John Welch

Chief Executive