Local Lettings Policies

Boscombe Court Local Lettings Policy:  Boscombe Court Local Lettings Policy 

Stonnells Close Local Lettings Policy:   Stonnells Close Local Lettings Policy     

What are Local  Lettings Policies?

Most housing associations include within their lettings policies the option to use Local Lettings Policies (LLP) in certain defined geographical areas, making adjustments to the main policy to meet specific local issues. It is likely that the majority of the main lettings policy will apply but the local lettings policy will include additional criteria that will be considered when letting properties within that area.

Examples of situations when local lettings policies are used could include:

  • Criteria to give a mix of household sizes, often in new developments, to give a balanced community
  • Criteria that aim to reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour
  • Criteria that give greater priority to local people in rural areas.

In these circumstances, the criteria of the local lettings policy will be detailed in the Home4U advert and only applicants who meet the criteria will be eligible to bid. Applicants who make a bid and meet the advertised criteria, will be short-listed in order of the amount of preference that they have on the housing register.