Lodgers and running a business

Lodgers and subletting

A lodger is someone who pays you rent and lives with you, sharing your home. A sub-tenant is someone who pays rent to you but lives separately from the rest of the household. If you want to sublet part of your home you must contact us beforehand to discuss this further and get our written consent. You must tell us if you intend on taking in a lodger and let us know their name, age and date of birth before they move in. You must not let your home become overcrowded. It is important to remember that you must not sublet the whole of your home.

What to consider before taking in a lodger or subletting part of your home:

  • It will affect your housing benefit or other meanstested benefits
  • You will be responsible for your lodger or subtenant’s behaviour while they are in your home – so if they cause a nuisance, you will be breaking your tenancy agreement and risk losing your tenancy
  • If you decide to end your tenancy with us or do not want your lodger or subtenant to live with you any longer, you will be responsible for ensuring they move out  
  • We are not responsible for re-housing your lodger or subtenant when you leave or when you want them to leave.

Running a business

If you wish to run a business from your home, you must get our written permission first. We will consider all requests and be reasonable in our response, taking into account such things as the likely effect on neighbours, any potential traffic problems and the storage of materials. If we do give permission, you may also need to obtain additional approvals, perhaps from Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and the Planning and Environmental Health departments of your local council. We reserve the right to review permission at any time.