Lofts, garages and sheds


Whether you are moving into a newly built property or an older home, please do not use your loft space for storage. Neither modern roofs or loft spaces are designed for storage and can increase the risk of condensation forming in your home and damaging your belongings.

We also need clear access to carry out any maintenance works. We may have pipe work ,cables and other hazards associated with confined spaces located in the loft and there is also a very real risk of falling through unsupported ceilings.

This is why we have made it a condition of your tenancy that loft spaces remain clear and we will expect residents to fix any damage caused as a direct result of discarding our advice.  


Some of our homes include a garage as part of the property. We also have a small number of separate garages available to rent. There is normally a waiting list and priority is given to Howard Cottage residents. 

Please note garages should only be used to store your vehicle and should not be used for storage of flammable or toxic substances or any other trade use. 


You are responsible for all wooden, metal and plastic sheds or out buildings that are not part of the original building, including the felt roofing and roof battens.



If any property in your loft, garage or shed is damaged as a result of a leak or flood we are unable to accept responsibility for repairing or replacing any damaged belongings.  It may be worth adding valuable items to your contents insurance policy.