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Coronavirus - letter from the Chief Executive

Coronavirus - letter from the Chief Executive

Dear Residents,

When we launched just two short months ago we made reference to the opening line of A Tale of Two Cities –“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..” Of course we had no idea how prophetic that would prove.

As everybody has had to deal with the worst of times, and many cases tragic loss, we have seen the best of FGCH both from the staff and you our residents.  We are hugely grateful for your patience and support in accepting the massive change and reduction in services.  We have also seen the very best from our staff and contractors. 

Our sheltered housing Scheme Managers have remained at work every day to support and reassure our older shielding residents. Whilst our Maintenance Operatives have responded to emergency repairs and when not doing that they have been providing shopping services to shielding residents. Every one of them should be in your thoughts when we all come together to applaud key workers every Thursday night.

As we hope we are moving towards the end of the hardest part of this crisis, those of us behind the scenes are preparing to begin the long road back to normal operations.  Once again we will be seeking your patience and understanding.  We know there will be a variety of stages in this process, how many and how long each lasts remains to be seen. Our primary concern when managing each stage will be complying with the Governments directions and only resuming services when we know that we do that in a way that protects you as residents and of course our staff.

Up until now we have only been taking requests for emergency repairs, but can now begin to take requests for more routine repairs.  These will be recorded and then begin to be processed once the lockdown is eased. At that time there is still likely to be a backlog and delays.  However, by taking your requests now we can begin to plan and programme that work and then be able to advise you of a likely timescale for eventual completion of your requested repair. 

Please keep in touch with the FGCH website for updates on changes as they happen. In the meantime if you have any concerns, especially if you are having any difficulties with rent payments do please contact us. We would still appreciate you doing this by email if you can but our phone service is fully operational if you can’t.

Thank you once again and best wishes to you and your families.

John Welch

Chief Executive