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Generations Together

We recently joined forces with North Hertfordshire District Council and Hillshott Infant School to pilot an intergenerational project: "Generations Together".

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For five weeks, children aged 4-5 years old came together with older adults and enjoyed a range of activities including a farm visit, party games, baking, sports day, craft activities and more. 

A short film has been made about this excellent project:

In the UK, 3.6 million older people live alone, of whom over 2 million are aged 75+. Being socially isolated and feeling alone can have a huge detrimental effect on a persons health (Age UK, 2019).

Whilst loneliness can affect anybody of any age, we recognise that the significantly large population of older people living in North Herts are more at risk. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for our oldest and youngest communities to form friendships and have positive interactions with each other, recognising that both groups have something they can teach the other. 

The project was so successful that it will be running again in 2020