Please seek our permission to keep pets such as dogs, 'exotic' pets and animals such as chickens. 

You may keep smaller pets that do not require outside access without seeking permission such as small caged animals, birds, small amphibians and fish.

Please note that when considering your request:

  • We will allow pets to be kept that are appropriate to the type of property
  • We generally grant permission for only two dogs to be kept
  • Specific permission is not required to keep a cat, however we will generally only permit a maximum of two cats to be kept

Responsible pet ownership

The RSPCA has produced some really useful guidance on pet ownership here

We expect your pet to:

  • Be well looked after
  • Be kept under proper control at all times - dogs must be kept on a lead when in communal areas
  • Not cause a nuisance or danger to people or other animals
  • Not cause damage to property or communal areas
  • Not foul communal areas and in the event that your pet does, we expect you to dispose of this immediately
  • Where appropriate, to be kept in an adequate pen, tank or cage
  • Not to roam into neighbouring areas and gardens – if you own a dog, please make sure that your garden is fenced.

We will consider each request on its merits and will not withhold permission unreasonably. 

Please move pets into another room if requested by a visiting member of staff or contractor. 

Animals which may not be kept in our homes

  • Farm animals – unless the resident can prove they can make adequate provision in the garden
  • Animals which should be licensed under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
  • Dogs of a type specified in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and The Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997.

Sheltered Schemes & Flexicare Scheme

Pets are permitted in our sheltered housing schemes/flexicare scheme and requests should be directed to the Scheme Manager.  We have produced an informative leaflet about pets in sheltered schemes.