To apply for one of our homes, you need to register with the Choice Based Lettings scheme of the Local Council where you want to live. If you live in a Howard Cottage home already and need to move, you need to apply to the Local Council in the same way.

Your application for housing, or to move home, will be assessed by the Local Council in accordance with their own Allocation Policy. You will be awarded a priority for housing depending upon how they assess your housing need.

When a property becomes empty we ask the Local Council to advertise the property for us on their Choice Based Lettings site. If eligible, applicants and existing Howard Cottage residents can then bid on our properties. The Local Council will send us the details of successful applicants (called a nomination).

When we receive a nomination from the Council of a successful applicant we will ask the applicant to complete a form to check they meet our own allocation policy. Here is our current Allocations Policy.

See below for details of the districts where we have homes to rent:

Letchworth Homes   Rushby Mead Biggleswade new homes

Our homes are located in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire