What to do if you spot dumped rubbish

It can be extremely frustrating to find bulky rubbish dumped in communal areas or elsewhere on your estate.

If someone dumps rubbish in our neighbourhoods, we'll do our utmost to find out who put it there. Examples include sofas, fridges, bags of household junk, carpets, cardboard boxes and mattresses left by the side of the bins or road.  If we can we'll charge the disposal costs to the culprit and in some cases the cost of disposal may even be added to the service charge for the block or neighbourhood.

It’s an offence to fly-tip on open land or the public highway. So if you spot anyone fly-tipping on your estate, report it to us immediately.  You can also report it direct to your local council with details of when and where it happened and, if you can,  a description of the offender.