Your Neighbourhood

We rely on you to be considerate and tolerant towards your neighbours. The way you use your home, the shared areas and your garden, and the way you control your pets and keep noise down, are all very important in getting on with your neighbours.


Noisy Neighbours

Noise nuisance can make life a misery. In fact, it’s one of the most common anti-social behaviour complaints made to housing associations, the police and local councils.

If you’re frequently troubled by unreasonable noise created by your neighbours, don’t suffer in silence. There are steps you can take, to nip the problem in the bud and prevent the situation from spiralling out of control.

Read our handy leaflet, which includes information about how to be a considerate neighbour and what to do in the event of noise nuisances 

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Dumped rubbish and fly tipping

Communal cleaning

Abandoned/untaxed vehicles



Shared areas

Top tips to help keep your neighbourhood pleasant:

■ Help to keep shared areas clean and tidy – don’t leave rubbish or equipment lying around, blocking pathways or landings

■ Arrange with your local council to have large items removed – again, don’t just discard them

■ Be aware of fire safety – never block hallways and entrances with items such as buggies and bikes


Grounds maintenance

We have many communal areas that require regular maintenance, such as communal gardens, grass and shrub areas, car parking and garage areas. These include communal gardens, grass and shrub areas, car parking and garage areas.

In most cases we maintain these areas ourselves, but where there is a management company in place it is likely that they will arrange these works for the estate as a whole. Costs of maintaining these areas will be charged to residents as a service charge.

If you find any communal areas that need maintaining please let us know.


Estate Inspections

We inspect our estates regularly and may invite residents to join us. If you have concerns about your estate or want to recommend an improvement speak to the housing team.